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Three Features That Make A Lab Refrigerator A Good Choice

Choosing equipment for a new or existing lab, medical room or clinical setting is always a difficult job, particularly if there are a wide variety of possible uses for the equipment. Added to all that is the fact that the refrigerator is going to be an essential part of the storage of samples and specimens that must be maintained at very precise temperatures. Choosing the best lab refrigerators on the market is always the best option and, with a bit of careful research, you can find just the model that you need and still stay within your supply or equipment budget.

Temperature Control

Choosing the best possible system for temperature control within lab refrigerators is the only way to ensure the samples and specimens will be maintained at the specific temperature required. When temperature control is not state of the art the results can include inaccurate results or specimens and samples that have to be disposed of because of temperature changes that caused spoilage or damage.

Many of the commercial rated refrigerators will have a temperature range of between plus one degree Celsius to plus twelve degrees Celsius which is equivalent to 34 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is can be maintained at plus one to minus one degrees Celsius to be consistent within the unit itself. Temperature controls also automatically adjust to door opening and the addition of samples through a microprocessor system for the most accuracy possible.

Physical Size

Depending on the space that you have in your facility a full sized refrigerator which can be p to 11.2 cubic feet may be the best option. This is ideal for larger labs or areas where there are large quantities of samples, specimens or medications that need to be kept refrigerated. Fro smaller facilities or areas a smaller built in type of unit that stands alone at counter height or is built into the counters may be a good option. These lab refrigerators are typically approximately 6 cubic feet in storage area and provide good shelf storage within the refrigeration compartment.

It is also important to consider the actual floor space that the unit requires. Full sized refrigerators may require as little as 3.9 square feet of floor space but they need additional height with exterior measurements of 59 inches or more. Built in units for the counter are designed to be zero-clearance and very space efficient.

Interior Design

The full size or larger capacity lab refrigerators tend to have more options that allow for individual configuration of the interior storage area. The smaller under the counter models typically do not have storage on the door but they may have adjustable shelves that allow for smaller and larger storage within the main compartment.

The full sized refrigerators will have compartments or bins on the door that can be adjusted to hold taller or shorter bottles, containers or specimen holders. These bins are also ideal for securing containers in the fridge, preventing possible spills or movement when in the fridge. The shelves in the main compartment of the refrigerator can include both fixed height and variable height possibilities. This really allows customization of the configuration of the interior to accommodate specific containers, bottles or glassware.


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