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Tips for Choosing a Mobile Lead Barrier

A mobile lead barrier is an important safety consideration in any room or area where X-ray radiation is present. These devices, which are typically used in medical and research facilities, allow the technician or researcher to easy position the shield to limit their exposure to the radiation. The faculty member will still have the ability to clearly see the subject or to work directly with the patient. Mobile lead barriers come in a variety of different styles, sizes and options and knowing specifically what the requirements are for protection is a good place to start for making the right selection.

The closer you are to the source of the radiation, the thicker the lead has to be on the mobile lead barrier to provide optimum protection. Of course the thicker the lead, the heavier the overall weight of the barrier will also be. Most of these barriers, which tend to weigh over 100 pounds, are mounted on four castors and a frame that is designed for easy mobility. The barrier is centered over the four wheels to provide maximum stability when the barrier is being transported or when it is located in the appropriate position. Locking devices on the wheels ensure that the barrier remains just where you need it to be even if it is pushed against or bumped. Typically, sizes range up to 75 inches in height and 30 plus inches in width with smaller top windows or much larger viewing areas.

Leaded glass can be used in the mobile lead barrier to provide the required amount of protection but to also allow the technician to have a clear, unobstructed view of the patient or equipment. This is much safer than a full barrier where the technician may have to step out from behind to view the patient or the position of the equipment during the X-ray or radiation therapy process. The size of the window can vary depending on your specific requirements. For maximum visibility, a window of up to 60 inches by 30 inches can be provided on the standard 75 by 30 inch barrier. The only part of the barrier that is not transparent is the frame round the edges and a small strip across the bottom of the frame for stability. While the mobile lead barrier is all window the lead equivalent is 0.5 mm, which provides approved levels of protection for almost all types of X-ray applications and uses.

A wider type of mobile lead barrier measures 72 inches in height, and 48 inches in width. As with the all window barrier, it has 0.5 mm lead equivalent in the window portion, which measures 48 inches by 36 inches, literally the entire top half of the barrier. For larger rooms or work closer to the equipment this mobile lead barrier is an ideal protective device. As with the other mobile lead barriers described above, the weight of this device is approximately 113 pounds with four locking wheels for easy transportation and movement as well as secure positioning.


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