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Ultrasound Tables & Accessories That Make Life Easier

Patients may require ultrasound imaging for a variety of tests and diagnosis, although most commonly the procedure is associated with OB/GYN offices. Doctors that specialize in orthopedics, sports medicine, cardiovascular specializations as well as general practice may all routinely use ultrasound as a diagnostic tool. Having the correct type of ultrasound table as well as all the accessories to make your patient comfortable and your imagine results accurate can make everyone's life a lot easier.

Ultrasound tables come in a variety of styles from very basic models through to deluxe models that have a range of features and functions. The basic type of ultrasound table will be a one or two piece flat table. With the two piece option the head rest can be inclined for patient positioning and comfort while a drop away section provides additional access to the patient. Some of these basic models can have power height adjustments that allows the technician to raise and lower the entire table. This is a great idea for patients that are in wheelchairs or using assisted mobility devices since transfers are simple and easy without the requirement to lift the patient up and onto the ultrasound table. The same is true for dismounting off the table into a wheelchair, the table is simply lowered to 20 inches and the patient can transfer with ease and minimal assistance.

Three section ultrasound tables provide the greatest options in patient positioning. Similar in design to basic diagnostic tables these models have the central section, a longer backrest and a leg rest that can be adjusted manually. The deluxe options in these tables have the power lift and lower feature that allows the table to be positioned from 22 to 38 inches off the ground, ideal for patient access and medical staff comfort when completing the ultrasound. Hand or foot controls are used to raise and lower the table with options to place the patient in both a Trendelenburg and reserve Trend position on the table.

Accessories that go along with ultrasound tables will vary based on the specific style and model that is selected. Optional accessories on many tables include an extender, which can be used to support the neck and head for specific thyroid and artery imaging. Rails that fold away when not in use are a great accessory for many patients and offices. With side rails in place the patient can feel more secure if the table is moved or transported or even when getting on and off of the table itself. The rails can be raised and lowered independent of each other providing the right positioning options.

Arm boards that provide a solid, secure and specialized surface for imaging of the lower and upper arms is important in any type of cardiovascular imaging work. Other key accessories to consider are retractable stirrups that can be moved and locked in the correct position for any type of ultrasound procedure. Many different models of ultrasound tables also offer additional optional features such as a locking systems, foot controls and t-rail adapters that provide additional equipment use with the table.


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