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Understanding Your Options with Hospital Overbed Lights

One simple way to upgrade or modernize the look of your hospital patient care area is to change the lighting fixtures and the color schemes. New colors combinations that are researched to be more appealing, comfortable and calming for patients than the stark white of years ago can be greatly enhanced by the use of new styles of hospital overbed lighting.


The old styles of hospital overbed lights were standard in almost all hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. They were three to five feet in length and were basically a long rectangular fixture, painted or treated be a highly reflective white, covered with an opaque to clear plastic cover that usually had a dimpled or squared off pattern over the surface. While these lights were practical and providing effective lighting, they really were incredible institutional looking. They were basically lighting boxes mounted over the patient's bed that typically provided hospital overbed lights for the entire room, including to other patient's area in semi-private rooms.


Keeping these old types of hospital overbed lights, even if you change the paint and décor of the room, is not really going to provide a real change from the clinical type of image created. Instead, consider a fully modern, highly stylized light that provides beauty but also a variety of different types of lights that can be used by patients and medical staff as well. These lights typically have three or four different lights including bright examination lights that shine down, general lighting that shines up and against the wall to create a soft room light, and a reading light that directs light right over the center of the patient's bed. This is much more like the type of lighting that people have in their own homes and bedrooms, adding that touch of comfort and familiarity.


The other option that may be found with hospital overbed lighting is a build in night light that is very low wattage. This light, when housed in the same fixture as the reading, indirect and direct lights reduces the need for a separate night light. Patients can control the night light as they can the other lights or the staff can also adjust the lighting to treat the patient and make them as comfortable as possible.


Hospital overbed lights are typically four feet in length, providing consistent light over the entire head of the bed. This is perfect both for direct and indirect lighting options. It also allows the night light to be centered in the middle of the fixture and directly over the center of the patient's bed. The cover of the light is a clear polycarbonate or a translucent polycarbonate to provide the most appropriate lighting in the fixture. This material is extremely durable and resists damage and breakage with normal use.


In addition to comfort and lighting, it is important to consider hospital overbed lights that are easy to clean and maintain. Bulbs that are simple to replace and a style that makes dusting and cleaning easy will be appreciated by staff and save time and money over the life of the fixture.

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