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Use Narcotic Cabinets for Proper Storage of Medicines

Use Narcotic Cabinets for Proper Storage of Medicines


Hospitals are bounded by various rules and regulations and one such rule is to keep the narcotics in safe and secure locations. The Narcotic cabinets can be used to keep dangerous as well as addictive drugs out of reach of individuals and decrease the risk of abuse. By using the cabinets for the storage of medicines, not only can the hospital authorities prevent abuse but also place them handily for those patients who are really in need of them. Hospitals can choose these cabinets from various reputed providers who help to keep the controlled substances as well as your businesses well secured.


Why Choose Medicine Cabinets?


Medicine cabinets provide a way to securely store controlled substances and are available in various choices. Hospitals can choose from the double as well as single doors cabinets and also from the keyed and the keyless cabinets. These cabinets are also available in various sizes and colors and can also be customized so as to accommodate all the needs of a cabinet.


The medication storage cabinets are also available in different dimensions. The larger ones are mostly used in the permanent storage locations whereas the smaller cabinets are used in compact areas or during transport. Most of the narcotic cabinets come with shelves that are adjustable so that it is easy to modify the inner space as per the size and the amount of medication being stored. The security of narcotics is given the topmost priority when it comes to locking narcotic cabinets.


Utmost care is taken during the manufacturing of the hospital narcotic cabinets so that they meet even the strictest security regulation. Most of the models come included with double lockets and as an extra precaution, these keys do not get released when the cabinets are opened. Most of the durable models are built using steel and are coated using enamel to create an appealing appearance.


Most Common Features of Narcotic Safes


While the make and the durability of the medical safe can differ from one manufacturer to another, most of these have a few features in common. Let us have a look at what they are.


  • Dual door structure
  • Extra protection with high security pick resistant locks
  • Feature to key the locks separately and inclusion of 4 keys for each lock
  • Different lock sequences where each cabinet can be keyed differently
  • Adjustable or removable shelves with a choice of 3-4 locations
  • Carrying handle mounted on the top of the cabinet
  • Door hinges made using full length stainless steel which prevents pin removal
  • Easy to mount with the provision of pre drilled holes in the back of the cabinet
  • Electronic locks with a backup battery included
  • Except for the door handles, the cabinets are delivered ready to use
  • Option to choose the cabinet based on the size and the number of drawers


    The Benefits of Using Narcotic Safes


    Narcotic Safes can be used to access, track and control all medications that are used in the hospitals or with a pharmacy department. Most of the medical safes have a tracking system and come with secure narcotic vaults. These are useful in hospitals and health systems in record keeping, reporting and in maintaining the transaction data of all the controlled substances.


    These are proven to be beneficial in:


  • Meeting the demands of the regulatory compliance.
  • They aid in improvement in the way the controlled substances are stored, distributed and tracked.
  • These are safe and secure and provide an efficient way to manage the whole process of storage as well as access of medication.
  • Provide a quick access to medicines and accuracy of selection of medicines can be improved with the use of bar code technology.
  • Customization of the design of cabinets is available to suit the needs of the facility.
  • They also help to streamline the operations and improve the efficiency.


    Medical Safes for Home


  • While medical safes are mostly put to use in hospitals and pharmacies, there are also safes that can be used for safe storage of medicines at home. Locking of medicines at home can prevent accidental poisoning, theft or misuse of prescribed drugs. These also aid to the well being of the family and also provide a number of benefits to one’s health.

  • The medical safes can be used at homes to lock up the prescribed medications like pain killers as they are the most misused of all the medicines. It is always advised to keep such medications locked to keep them away from the hands of small kids or even teens.
  • These safes can also be used to safely store over the counter medicines that are mostly used to treat common cold or cough to prevent overdose.
  • Medicine safes also help to prevent teenage medical abuse as most of the teens take prescription drugs to get high.
  • Most of the vitamin tablets look attractive and smell like a candy. If you have kids or grandchildren, it is always safe to store such medicines in safes or cabinets to protect them from vitamin toxicity. 
  • Makes it easy to store your pet medicines safely.
  • If you are using legalized cannabis instead of the prescribed medicines, it is safe to lock them up in medical cabinets or safes. This helps to avoid any accidental ingestion.
  • Medicine safes come in handy when you are traveling. You can secure the medications at home so that you need not worry about teens having access to them. There are smaller options available in safes which can also be used in traveling to store the drugs during your travel.


    Medicine cabinets thus are not only useful in hospitals or pharmacies but one can also use them in their homes to prevent abuse or accidental poisoning.


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