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Uses For Medical Mounting Paper

Medical mounting paper is sometimes known as medical mounting cards, are useful in many different ways within a patient care facility. While not all medical mounting paper is the same they tend to come in a standard letter size of 81/2 inches by 11 inches. This makes the paper easy to insert into patient charts and files, but also simple to use in patient consults and interactions.


Medical mounting paper can have a self-adhesive that allows you to remove paper from the card and re-attach, sort of like a sticky note. Unlike a sticky note the adhesive tends to be much tackier and hold the attached paper firmly until you need it to be removed. This additional feature makes organizing charts, documents and information simple and easy without having to use staples, paper clips or other types of clips that catch on other pages in the file as you try to flip through.


Having the lighter weight paper used in ECG or EEG machines attached to medical mounting paper makes good sense for using the information with patients as well. The firm surface of the paper makes handling the data graph sheet much easier, plus you can hand it back and forth as necessary. The paper is not going to tear, rip or crease since it is attached to the heavier mounting paper. Notes can be made directly on the medical mounting paper if necessary, both for data collection as well as for sharing information with patients or other medical health professionals.


Buying medical mounting paper starts with knowing what you want to use the paper for. If you are going to use it with other types of paper as a backing then the self-adhesive paper makes good sense. For other uses the non-adhesive paper is an excellent choice. Having both on hand means that you have the option to use either or both, depending on the specific document, result or data you are working with.


Attaching medical images to medical mounting paper is also an very good way to ensure that these documents don't become creased, bent or folded either in the folders or files or while handling. Since many of the color and gray scale medical imaging printers now use standard paper sizes there is no need for trimming, cutting or manipulating the image, simply press it to the adhesive surface and it is mounted.


Medical mounting paper is one of those additional supplies that really can make your life much easier. Your staff will appreciate having just the paper they need to keep the files organized and preserve data and documents, and you won't have to worry about small paper items constantly slipping out the file. Since the paper is boxed and easy to store it makes sense to buy this in bulk and simply keep the extra material until needed. If you have a busy office, unit or facility you will soon find that even a case doesn't last very long once staff realize all the uses for this versatile supply


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