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Uterine Forceps

Our online inventory of uterine forceps features Tenaculum hooks and forceps in a wide variety of designs.  We carry a large inventory of Tenaculum hook uterine forceps ranging from 5 3/4" to 9 3/4" in length.  We have several uterine forceps with straight jaw designs.  We carry Staude-Moore forceps in 5 1/2" and 6 1/4".  We also carry Braun uterine forceps in sizes 7-1/4" and 9-3/4".  For specialty models you can find instruments such as the Adair Breast or Uterine Tenaculum Forceps with straight jaws, and uterine sounds such as the Hulka 11" Tenaculum model.



We showcase an extensive selection of Vulsellum uterine forceps in a wide variety of jaw curvatures.  For straight designs we have the Schroeder 10" and the Jacob 8 ½" serrated jaw models with 2X2 teeth ratio.  We also provide Schroeder 10" models with curved on flat jaws measuring 10 1/2", Collin Buxton uterine forceps with swivel jaws, and 8 ¼” Henrotin Vulsellum forceps with 2X3 prongs and serrated jaws.   For jaw designs that curve sideways you can find the Jacob uterine forceps with 2X2 teeth ratio measuring 8 ½".  For operations requiring larger lengths we offer the 10" Teale Vulsellum and 10” Schroeder Vulsellum models in standard designs. 


If you are looking for uterine forceps for biopsies look no further than here.  We carry one of the most extensive online inventories of these devices anywhere on the Internet.  We offer 9 ½" Thoms-Gaylor models with 5mm Bite in both straight and bent shanks and Gellhorn 9 ½" models with 5X8 mm bite.  If you need something larger and even more precise you can choose between our 11" Shubert 4x8mm uterine forceps with either straight or curved designs.   We carry Burke biopsy punch forceps measuring 8 1/2", 22.0 cm, and featuring a locking mechanism.  If you are looking for Kevorkian-Younge or Tischler uterine forceps, we carry several models that you can select.  We have Kevorkian-Younge models with 3X5X8mm bite, a 10" rotating shaft, and a gold plated handle with a pistol grip.  In the Tischler design we carry pistol grip models with a 3 x 7mm bite, rotating shafts and gold plated handles.   For an even greater precision we offer the Eppendorfer Uterine Biopsy Forceps, oval in shape, 4 x 5 x 6.5mm bite, a rotating shaft that measures 10", and pistol grip, gold plated handles.  All of the lines above are available as well in 10" shaft only designs should you require simpler functionality.


In extreme circumstances where a hysterectomy is the only option, we offer a varied selection of Heaney and Heaney-Ballentine uterine forceps in both single and double tooth designs and heavy and extra heavy patterns.  We also feature in our online inventory Long Hysterectomy forceps with longitudinal serrations, 1X2 teeth ratios, and 7 ½ " curved jaws, and we supply a growing selection of elevating, pedicle, and artery uterine forceps to fully equip today’s gynecologist.


Find all that we have available for you in the uterine forceps section of our online inventory.

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