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Veterinary Canine Models for Pet Health Discussion

For many, pets are part of the family, so when a dog develops a health condition it is important for a vet to be able to clearly explain to the owner just what is causing the problem. While this can be difficult, having a variety of veterinary canine models available can help with these conversations.

Dogs are particularly susceptible to a variety of joint problems and broken bones. Some of these joint problems are inherited and are found within specific breeds at much higher rates that others. Veterinary models of the canine hip are important in discussing hip dysplasia while the canine knee model can really assist in helping owners to understand luxating patella, osteoarthritis and conditions of the ligaments and tendons. Having these basic models on hand means you don't have to verbalize everything to the owner but rather use the model as instructive tool. The owner can literally have a mini lesson from you about the condition without feeling they have to do hours of research at home.

Another important group of veterinary canine models include the pelvis and spine. These models are important since vehicle accidents with dogs often result in damage to the spinal column and the back, hips and pelvis. Using a model with the owners allows them to see the area that was damaged as well as what surgical or non-surgical procedures can be done to correct or repair the damage. Cards behind each of the different veterinary canine models give additional information on the specific medical terms of the bone structures as well as additional information about the specific anatomical model features.

Other various useful veterinary canine models include the models that show the internal organs. The canine heart model and the canine heartworm model are very useful in talking to owners. The heartworm model is particularly clear in displaying the presence of heartworms in a dog and the damage that they do inside the heart. The canine heart and lung model helps dog owners understand the life cycle of the heartworm that actually spends some of its life in the dog's lungs. This model provides information on the valves and chambers in the heart as well as the major blood vessels.

Canine models featuring skin problems are an important addition to any collection of veterinary canine models. This is because skin conditions are such a problem for many pets. The model clearly shows normal skin as well as the results of flea bites on the skin. The anatomical information cards behind the veterinary canine models are perfect for highlighting to owners the need for ongoing treatment and care for their pet with regards to flea elimination. This skin model can also be used to discuss other skin conditions as well such as hot spots and dermatitis.

A full collection of veterinary canine models should also include a canine ear and a canine jaw. These two models are typically used to help owners understand the need for routine ear cleaning and monitoring as well as a good canine dental hygiene program.

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