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Working with Burn Gel

Burn gel is a handy product to have anywhere there is the possibly of an accident that can include any type of burn. There are literally hundreds of different brands and types of burn gels on the market, but there are also some that are specific for different types of burns. For example, a few types of burn gels are specific for the treatment of phosphorous burns. These burns are much more problematic because small particles of phosphorous can be lodged in the skin and continue to burn even after a typical burn treatment is applied.

Generally, all burn gels are a gelatin like substance that contains a high percentage of water along with soothing and pain relieving ingredients. It is not an oil based product like Vaseline and does not smother the burn, rather it allows the heat to dissipate into the gel, cooling and soothing the damaged skin and allowing a protective moisture layer over the burn. This helps with immediate protection of the area from secondary bacterial infections and also helps to reduce the discomfort of even a minor burn. Generally most burn gels are designed to avoid any possible problems with medications that may be required if medical attention follows use of the gel. This means that the gel is safe to use without any complications when you arrive at the emergency room.

Using burn gel is very simple and easy. When a burn occurs, the most important first step is to rinse the burn with clear water or saline solution until all debris and dirt is removed from the area. In some cases with chemical burns there are regulations as to the length of time of the rinse, which can be up to 15 minutes as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. In industries where chemicals are in use the procedure for treating specific types of burns as well as burn rinsing stations should be set up as required. Review these procedures on a regular basis to ensure that all staff knows what to do in the event of a burn.

After rinsing the burn area appropriately, gently pat dry the periwound skin, or the healthy skin, around the burn. Do not attempt to take skin out of the burn area or remove debris that appears lodged. Apply a layer of gel to soothe the burned skin, and loosely cover with a protective gauze. If the burn is deep use rolled gauze on either side of the burn to prevent the gauze covering from touching the injured skin surface. Do not cover with an airtight dressing or apply an absorbent dressing to the burn, this will dry out the area and cause additional complications and pain.

Burn gel can be used for minor burns or sun burn, even if the skin is not open and there is no significant damage to the skin. Early treatment with the soothing, cooling, and hydrating features of gel will assist with healing and comfort the patient until he is able to get to the hospital or doctor.

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