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3D Anatomical Breast Model Options for Examination Rooms

Breast health is important for any woman regardless of her risk for developing breast cancer. Having at least one 3D anatomical breast model in a patient examination room can help physicians and patients in their conversations about women's breast health issues. The more accurate the model is, the more effective it will be in helping patients with understanding of a range of breast health issues. These issues can include breast self-examinations, normal and abnormal conditions of the breast and the specifics that women need to routinely check for if they experience any pain or discomfort in the breast.

While many doctors will discuss how to correctly do a self-breast exam with the patient during the annual check-up, there are other ways to help a woman learn the correct technique. Some women and teens may be very uncomfortable in doing a breast self-exam in the presence of their doctor. By using a 3D anatomical breast model, there is much less discomfort on the part of the patient but the physician still has the opportunity to make corrections and help to guide the patient in learning the correct self-exam patterns and techniques. Using a 3D anatomical breast model that mimics the texture of human skin and the true texture of a lump, cyst or mass in the breast is also very helpful for the patient. The doctor can then explain to the patient about the specific growth and help her to see how early detection is critical in breast health and cancer prevention using the 3D anatomical breast model. 

A woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or that has concerns about a potential tumor or mass can also benefit from a 3D anatomical breast model. A model that shows the various types of lumps, masses or growths and where they are most commonly found on the breast will be extremely helpful to the patient. A 3D anatomical breast model also usually indicates if this particular tumor type is commonly diagnosed. The background card will provide this information. Some cards are designed to be 2-sided, with the first side listing the locations of tumors and the second side providing additional information about the stages of breast cancer. Having information that is clear, concise and to the specific type of breast cancer diagnosed will help the patient to understand the treatment options as well as short and long term recovery prognosis.

A 3D anatomical breast model in cross section is often the best anatomy model to use when discussing treatment options with a patient after diagnosis. This model is very detailed and provides clear representations of the common cancers of the breast as well as how they impact the surrounding tissue. The cross section extends down from the breast into the muscles and ribs that support the breast as well as the associated lymph nodes. With this type of detail the physician can easily and clearly explain the reason for surgical procedures or non-surgical options to eliminate the cancer or other conditions from the breast tissue.

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