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Manual Blood Pressure Monitors & Sphygmomanometers

Sphygmomanometer: Measuring the Beat!

Using a sphygmomanometer to measure a person's blood pressure is a routine part of every physical exam and has been for decades.  The results a sphygmomanometer provides can assess suitability for certain physical activities, predict long-term health risks, help manage many types of medical problems, and determine eligibility for insurance.  The use of a sphygmomanometer […]

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Learning More About Your Blood Pressure & BP Monitors

Digital and manual blood pressure monitors measure the force of blood pumped by the heart against artery walls. Blood pressure measurements can also provide information on the size of the artery and elasticity of the artery.  The most accurate method to measure blood pressure uses a sphygmomanometer. Pressure of pumping blood causes a column of mercury

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