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Obstetrical Forceps

Obstetrical Forceps

When a mother delivers a child, she expects her doctor or midwife to use the most efficient tools necessary to successfully and quickly deliver her child safely. It is for this reason Medical Supplies & Equipment Company suggests the use of obstetrical forceps when applicable, to smooth over the difficulties of labor. A tool such as …

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Cervical Forceps

MSEC understands the importance of early cervical cancer detection.  To meet the needs of this important medical care niche, we carry cervical forceps in the Tischler-Kevorkian, standard Tischler, and Baby Tischler lines.  Our cervical forceps feature a wide variety of sizes, shaft lengths, types of grip, and jaw features designed to maximize the chances of …

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Medical Forceps History

Forceps are handheld surgical instruments consisting of two blades and a handle used for grasping, handling, holding, and compressing.  The word “forceps” is derived from the Latin “formus” (hot) and “capere” (to grasp), defining an instrument designed to grasp, pluck, or lift something that’s too hot handle with one’s hands.  Though the word is plural in form, …

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