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Lamp Status Alarm

This lamp status alarm produce a high-pitched pulsed tone when a water purifier has stopped working due to power failure or lamp failure.


  • The unit is a battery operated device, to be placed on top of the sight port of a water purifier and to monitor the visible light output
  • It will also indicates a lamp failure when the AC power to the lamp is removed
  • A photoelectric sensor detects the presence of the visible light emitted through the sight port of the water purifier and activates an audible sounder when that light level has fallen below a certain level
  • The audible sound consists of a high frequency tone which is pulsed at two or three cycles per second
  • The internal battery is a 9-volt Alkaline, which will last more than a year with normal operation. A power supply adapter is supplied as an optional extra
  • The adapter allows operating power to be supplied from the building supply, but allows the unit to transfer to battery in the event of an AC failure
  • It gives somewhat more output from the sounder and ensures that the
    internal battery will not have to deliver any power except for an
    occasional AC ‘brown-out’
  • To ensure successful operation it is recommended that the alarm is tested frequently
  • To test the unit, remove it from the top of the sight port and cover up the large hole in the
    base of the unit
  • If the sounder does not operate, or if it is very weak, then the battery will need to be replaced
  • The battery can be changed after removal of four screws on the cover
  • This alarm does not measure the ultraviolet output level of the water purifier and for an accurate measurement of the ultraviolet intensity


  • Voltage: 9 VDC
  • MicroAmps (normal operation): 9
  • Milliamps (lamp off): 15
  • Battery required: 9-volt Alkaline
  • Dimensions: 3-1/2in H x 2-1/2in W x 2in D
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Audible output: 85 dbs. @ 2 ft.
  • Pulse rate (Approx.) 3 pulses/second
  • Tone frequency: 3500 Hz



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