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Ultraviolet Monitor

This ultraviolet monitor indicates the level of germicidal ultraviolet energy that penetrates the quartz sleeve and the water within the disinfection chamber.


  • Ultraviolet monitor is capable of operating an optional Audio Alarm and Solenoid Valve
  • Monitor will detect loss of ultraviolet due to lamp outage, component or power failure
  • Use of the ultraviolet monitor is recommended by the US Public Health Service
  • The ultraviolet monitor will detect reduction of ultraviolet levels due to:
  • Fouling or deposits on quartz sleeve
  • Poor ultraviolet transmission through the water. (Color, turbidity, organic or other impurities in the water can reduce or interfere with the transmission of ultraviolet rays.)
  • Depreciation of lamp output due to usage or other cause
  • Lamp replacement is recommended once each year
  • The Ultraviolet Analog and Digital Monitors are mounted directly onto the water purifier
  • The sensor probe (included) is threaded into the sight port fitting of the ultraviolet water purifier
  • The aluminum collar on the bottom of the Ultraviolet Analog or Digital Monitor is secured over the sensor probe
  • The Ultraviolet Digital Remote Monitor is intended for use in a location away from the water purifier that is being monitored
  • Mounted on the back of the remote monitor is a socket into which the lead from an ultraviolet sensor is connected
  • Instead of being mounted inside the monitor housing, this sensor is contained within the remote probe


  • Models: Analog, Digital and Digital Remote
  • Voltage: 120V 50/60Hz, 220-240V 50/60 Hz, or 12VDC
  • Cable: 50ft.

Manufacturer warranty:


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