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Ultraviolet Room Air Sanitizer , 326 CFM

This room air sanitizer can disinfect 326 cubic feet per min and provides adequate germicidal ultraviolet exposure for air disinfection in occupied areas.

Original price was: $4,164.95.Current price is: $3,085.14.


  • Air is drawn into the chamber, it can be sized to for room air changes required
  • Equipment cost is generally less than other alternatives
  • Safe – virtually no risk of accidental UV exposure of occupants in treated area, and no chemicals to contend with
  • Operation is simple and straightforward, with little or no installation required
  • Automatic – continuous use – little operator attention required
  • Units are relatively portable & can be applied to different areas as needed
  • Low maintenance – annual lamp change and periodic filter cleaning is all that is required
  • Ultraviolet germicidal lamps provide the utmost in quality, sustained high output and long life
  • Lampholders are spring loaded telescopic type that facilitate convenient, easy lamp change that is quick and hassle-free
  • The interlock safety switch is a standard feature that disconnects power to the unit when the access panel is removed for lamp or filter replacement
  • Polished reflector Interior chamber is polished providing a highly reflective surface to maximize ultraviolet intensity within the chamber
  • Standard wall mount kit consists of (2) pre-drilled stainless steel brackets
  • Brackets enable unit to be mounted to wall in either the vertical or horizontal position
  • Louvered exhaust panel protects the room’s occupants from ultraviolet exposure by restricting ultraviolet radiation from passing into the room
  • A visible glow through the clear sight glass provides positive indication of germicidal lamp operation
  • The chamber is Type 304 stainless steel for an attractive finish, unparalleled strength and durability
  • Particulate filter washable electrostatic filter

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  • Capacity: 326 cubic feet per min
  • Maximum treatment capacity : 19,575 cubic feet
  • Electrical requirement: 4.93 Amp
  • Length: 47-5/16in
  • Width: 14in
  • Height: 12in
  • Lamp length: 21-7/8in (556mm)
  • Power consumption: 32 watts
  • UV output: 11.2 per lamp
  • Effective life: 10,000 hours

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Manufacturer warranty:  1 year

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