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AutoTherm 395 Shortwave Diathermy

The AutoTherm 395 Shortwave Diathermy unit features continuous and pulsed shortwave diathermy.  Comes complete with two treatment arms, two 5.1in diameter capacitive applicators and cables and one 5.5in diameter inductive coil applicator and cable. Shortwave diathermy is used when the clinician needs to provide deep heat to a larger area than normally covered by ultrasound.

Original price was: $19,651.74.Current price is: $14,556.84.


  • No less than eight different treatment applicators: three inductive coil applicators, three spaced condenser sets and two soft, flexible plate electrodes
  • High performance, multi-jointed arms lock in place for ease of use and safety
  • A membrane panel and intensity control knob make treatment set-ups quick and easy
  • Weight: 99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.5in (H)x15in(W)x15.4in(D)
  • Warranty:1 year


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