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Optimize Code Team Efficiency With Medical Crash Carts

Every moment counts for code teams, and medical crash carts ensure your code teams waste no time in resuscitating a patient. Our crash carts are designed for simple, effective organization that’s preferred by:

  • Acute care emergency rooms and hospitals
  • Nursing home facilities
  • Urgent care centers
  • Surgical centers
  • Physician and dental offices
  • Rehab and psych help centers
  • EMS crews
  • Fire departments

We also maintain a full inventory of crash cart accessories, so your code teams can customize their crash carts as they see fit.

Seven Features Included With MSEC Medical Crash Carts

MSEC medical crash carts are built with rapid response teams in mind and come with several features to help them do their job better. Some of those features include:

  • Several locking options – Our crash carts are compatible with several types of locks, including keyless and key locking systems. They can also be used with breakaway locks for enhanced security and quick access to medical supplies.

  • External access to critical equipment and supplies – Our medical crash carts can be fitted with accessories that improve access to your team’s most important pieces of equipment. This includes external shelving and mechanisms for a defibrillator unit, oxygen tanks, and IV poles.

  • Damage-resistant build – MSEC crash carts are built for long-term use in high-activity medical facilities. This includes impact, dent, and scratch-resistant panels that act like a layer of protective armor for the cart.

  • Seamless, versatile drawer design – MSEC carts come with a seamless drawer design that allows for quick and easy cleaning. Some of our carts are also available with multiple drawer heights, so your code team can better arrange their supplies and access them faster when a code is called.

  • Enhanced caster build and design – Our carts are built with premium casters that last longer and respond better to movement. Further, our casters are installed with a spread design that enhances the cart’s stability during movement.

  • Expanded work surfaces – MSEC carts are designed with larger work surfaces, including pull-out surfaces that give code teams more room to work with.

  • Multiple height options – Some of our carts are available in multiple heights, including intermediate and full height options. As such, we have a cart size to meet your team’s needs.

Plastic, Steel or Aluminum? The Best Crash Carts Combine the Best of all Three

Steel, aluminum, and polymer materials are all common in medical settings and all three have their advantages. Steel provides excellent strength and cleanliness, plastic is lightweight and economical, and aluminum is light, durable, and resistant to corrosion.

Medical facilities don’t have to choose one over the other because many of our cart models combine all three materials. That means MSEC carts are durable, easy to maneuver, easy to handle, and easy to clean.

Need To Customize Your Crash Carts Further? We Offer A Variety Of Accessories

In addition to the above features, our medical crash carts can be fitted with accessories that will enhance their functionality further. For example, we can add the following to your carts:

  • Drawer trays and dividers – Our drawer trays and dividers are removable and can be arranged horizontally or vertically. With them, code teams can arrange their materials however they want for maximum efficiency.

  • Bulk storage and waste containers – Our bulk storage and waste containers attach to the side of the crash cart. Bulk storage accessories allow code teams to keep their most important instruments immediately available. Waste containers keep the area clean and organized.

  • IV poles – We can also include IV poles with your crash carts. Poles are designed to attach to the carts and allow for rapid delivery of intravenous medicines.

  • Breakaway locks – Our breakaway locks are single-use, available in 100-count boxes and are compatible with crash carts. Each contains a number for expiration tracking purposes. They’re simple to use – thread one end through a pre-drilled hole on the cart and connect the male and female ends together.

  • Laptop arm and tray – Laptop arms and trays connect to our crash carts and are designed for full articulation. With a laptop arm, code teams always have necessary patient information with them as long as they have the cart.

  • Defibrillator shelf – Our defibrillator shelves are strong and stable, capable of holding a defibrillator unit while maneuvering the cart. It comes with a velcro strap for additional stability and can be mounted at multiple levels for ease of use.

  • Oxygen tank holder – MSEC oxygen tank holders are molded into a single piece from durable polymers. They’re easy to clean, can withstand repeated impacts and ensure oxygen tanks are immediately available for resuscitation purposes.

Some of these accessories come standard with many of our medical crash cart models.

Medical Crash Carts Provide Enhanced Organization For Code Teams

To a large extent, code team performance relies on the equipment those teams have to work with. Equipment like properly designed and outfitted medical crash carts.

MSEC crash carts are built with rapid response teams in mind and can be fluffy customized to meet your team’s preferences. That way, nothing will get between them and stabilizing the patient.

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