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Professional Massage Tables & Chairs

Portable Massage Tables

Massage therapy is designed to create the most comfortable environment for the patient in order to best alleviate their stress and worries that could be leading to tense and sore muscles. In order to encourage employee health and well-being, many  companies are hiring therapists to bring in their portable massage tables to offer massages to …

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Massage Therapy Tables

The most vital piece of massage equipment for the professional massage therapist is the massage therapy table.  In therapeutic and clinical settings, massage techniques involve the client being treated lying down on a massage therapy table or sitting in a massage chair.  At Medical Supplies and Equipment Company, you’ll find the most comprehensive selection of …

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Portable Massage Tables

For the massage therapist on the go, no piece of massage equipment is more vital to their profession than portable massage tables.  In today’s fast paced society, more and more massage therapists are on the go, just as their clients are.  With a portable massage table, massage therapists are able to pack the rest of …

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Massage Therapy – Feels Good & Good For You – The Perfect Combination

The known benefits of massage therapy seem increase indefinitely, as doctors, scientists and therapists continue to study its effects. Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing, and is based upon the simple power of human touch. There are many different forms of massage therapy, each bringing unique benefits to the patient. Massages …

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